behind the lens

marnie's passion for photography started when she was a young girl, growing up in colorado.  with a camera by her side, she explored the forests, canyons and rivers, acquiring a deep love of nature and the artistic forms she could capture in a photograph.  marnie has had a private photography business for the past 15 years, taking photos of children and families for holidays, family and individual portraits, and senior portraits.  with her highly creative style, she often incorporates nature into her photos, bringing a special colorado touch to her work.
marnie's gentle approach to photographing adults and children brings out the best in people, and allows her clients to relax and enjoy the experience of the photo shoot. rather than posing her clients, she likes to capture them in a candid moment.  marnie's style is simple and she doesn't mind if your children's hair is a little messy and they have a little dirt on their knees.  she also has little tricks to get a belly laugh and smile on their faces.  these are the real moments she likes to capture.  a colorado native, she lives in the boulder/north denver area with her husband and two children.  marnie works with her clients to find the perfect backdrop for the desired photos, whether it be in their home or outdoors, and she knows many of the best spots in the area for outdoor shoots. she provides her clients with both black and white, and color proofs, if requested, and works to make certain her clients are always happy with the results.
some personal facts about marnie:  i was a first grade teacher before my first child was born, i love to cook yummy organic, vegetarian dishes.  i can't wait to grow a garden in my back yard.  many moons ago, i was an extra in the movie, things to do in denver when you are dead. the movie was a flop.  i lived in luanda angola africa in the 70's and had a pet monkey.  he was so funny because he used to pop the heads off of all my dolls.   i love love playing practical jokes on my friends and family.  there's nothing better than a good 'ol joke to get people laughing,  i also believe that it's just as important to laugh at yourself.   Right after i had my first child, and i was sleep deprived,  i brought the wrong dog home from the groomers.  i never thought i'd admit this online for everyone to read but hey,  sometimes its good to just lay it all out there.  in my defense, at the time, everyone had a shihtzu and the groomer swore it was my dog.... so funny!!!
profile photo credit goes to krista buchenau at blackandwhitesbykrista.